We spend a third of our lives at work, yet the majority of people actively dislike their job.

As we develop in our careers, there may be a time where we aren’t exactly sure what will or should come next. Assessing the current situation and understanding what the next steps should be, is what Career Coaching and Mentoring is all about.

We work with individuals to ensure that their personal life goals are aligned with their career planning, and find out where it is that you want to be and help devise a specific road map to get you there.

Career Choice

  • Are you ready to explore your future career direction?
  • Are you keen to explore your options, and what might suit you?
  • Are you thinking of studying, but unsure where to start?
  • Are you feeling lost and worried about making the wrong decision?

Within looking at initial Career Choice, we explore your personality preferences, interests and values to help you to clarify what you’re looking for. Together we look at researching careers of interest, learning more about different roles and fields and job prospects. We look at exploring the steps you can take to test the waters and feel more confident in your choices as well as creating an action plan for the future.

Career Change

  • Have you reached a cross-roads in your career?
  • Are you feeling dissatisfied with your job, and looking for more?
  • Are you ready to explore new career directions and opportunities?
  • Are you feeling stuck or stressed, unsure of what to do next?

Many skills and strengths can transfer between roles, therefore opening doors and opportunities for a new career. When looking at Career Change we clarify your preferences, motivators and values, so you can align these with career choices and assess your career capital. We look at exploring how your skills and knowledge could map across to new roles and explore your marketable strengths and achievements, therefore helping you identify any gaps, so you can address specific areas of training or development. We also look at addressing any fears or obstacles holding you back as well as create a step-by-step action plan, to guide your transition.

Career Development

  • Are you ready to take the next step in your career?
  • Are you keen to position yourself for future promotions?
  • Are you clear on your value proposition?
  • Are you looking to maximise your potential?

Within looking at advancing your career, many don’t ‘think outside the box’. Within Career Development Coaching we assess your career capital – your current role, industry and sector-relevant skills, strengths and knowledge. Together we clarify your marketable strengths and achievements, so you can build a clear and targeted value proposition. Within doing this we identify any gaps or shortfalls, explore opportunities for formal and informal development, review your networks, identify key contacts and avenues for relationship-building and explore ways to build your industry presence and profile.

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