Coaching within a team in any work environment ensures improved team dynamics as well as increased performance and effectiveness. In a competitive market, businesses cannot rely on leadership from a few peak performers. They must enlist the resources and talents of people at all levels in the organisation. Team coaching works to improve performance through awareness and communication.

Benefits of team coaching within the workplace include:

  • Improves team performance
  • Builds trust, accountability and productability
  • Increases engagement and staff retention

Some of the specific objectives we cover within Team Development and Training with businesses are:

  • Building effective and cohesive teams
  • Employee engagement and company culture development
  • Works to define Vision, Mission, Company Values.

Behavioural Profiling in Teams

Using Behaviourial profiling within a team environment encompasses all team members, highlighting individual motivators, strengths, communication preferences and in general how they interact with one another. This gives an excellent overview on all team members with the view of ensuring they are all working to their best of their ability towards the department’s common initiatives, values, vision and mission.

A team behavioural analysis tells us not only about the individuals - in terms of their communication, behavioural strengths, leadership styles, but also the role they currently take within that team. This not only leads to improved interpersonal understanding and communication amongst the team members, but improved team dynamics, motivation and working towards maximising a team’s coherency and performance.

In particular:

  • Building capacity, resilience and adaptability within team members
  • Uncovering improved methods of communication
  • Learning how to manage any conflicts
  • Create a greater sense of team cohesion
  • Building stronger relationships between team members
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