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Behavioural Profiling can be extremely effective within a work and team environment. It can be used to develop awareness and understanding in order to improve communication, job performance and satisfaction, identify individual motivators and development areas. Profiling can uncover individuals’ strengths and stretches as well as stress triggers, uncertainty of current role, insecurity, frustration, pressure to and can therefore be used to make the changes and improvements in order to get the best out of staff.

Profiling can identify and uncover individuals’ strengths and stretches as well as stress levels, uncertainty of current roles, insecurity, frustration, pressure to change - to name a few, and can therefore be used to make the changes and improvements in order to get the best out of staff.

Behavioural profiling is particularly useful within established working teams to further develop working relationships, team congruency and productivity.

Through working with senior management and leaderships teams, a Team Behavioural Profile assessment uses individual data collected from individual profiles and plots together all team members, encompassing their individual motivators, strengths, communication preferences and in general how they interact with one another. This is a crucial report that will gives an excellent overview on all team members with the view of ensuring they are all working to their best of their ability towards the department’s common initiatives, values, vision and mission. A team behavioural analysis tells us not only about the individuals - in terms of their communication, behavioural strengths, leadership styles, but also the role they currently take within that team. This not only leads to improved interpersonal understanding and communication amongst the team members, but improved team dynamics, motivation and working towards maximising a team’s coherency and performance. Behavioral profiling can be used as a leadership program, working on those behavioural strengths needed in leadership and management roles.

Behavioural profiling can benefit staff and teams within the workplace specifically by:

  • Building capacity, resilience and adaptability within team members
  • Uncovering improved methods of communication
  • Learning how to manage any conflicts
  • Create a greater sense of team cohesion
  • Building stronger relationships between team members

In addition to working well within teams, Behaviourial Profiling can be crucial to understanding the codes and patterns within the sales space. Once these patterns are identified you are given 'the keys' in understanding the decision making and buying strategies of your customers.

Being able to tap into these strategies are fundamental tools in empowering team members to increase sales. In sales, the secret is being able to ‘read and relate to  people’. It is pretty basic – yes, but the simple mastery is in this basic skill.

Bringing behavioural awareness to individuals improves people’s skills.

Improve the people = improve a business' capability, productivity and staff motivation.

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