Behavioural Profiling using Extended DISC unveils a person's possibilities to develop in directions they were previously difficult to access. It identifies an individual's strengths and where they may be lacking and how we can be more efficient in both our personal and work environments.

Through identifying our subconscious natural behavioural tendencies, we are able to therefore unlock the codes and patterns of individual human behaviour, highlighting crucial information such as:

  • What influences someone’s decision making process
  • What are someone’s natural core drivers for motivation
  • What are someone’s communication preferences
  • What challenges someone to their mental and emotional limits

Behavioural profiling is extremely different when compared with personality profiling, as it taps into emotions and behavioural tendencies as opposed to pigeon holing someone on their personality traits. A behavioural profile uncovers an individual’s natural behavioural preferences and tendencies, explaining why that person does what they do and why they are the way they are.

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