Within the sports arena, while advanced physiological and technical knowledge has produced huge advances and previously unattainable physical performances, there is currently a substantial ‘knowledge gap’ critical to creating results in the area of athletes’ emotional intelligence.

In context of an athlete, emotional intelligence is about understanding the role that your natural innate behaviour tendencies and personality play in your performance and being able to analyse and deliberately adapt this behaviour in order to improve and push your performance to it's limits.

Emotional intelligence and mindset is one of the least understood and most underemployed aspects of competitive sport today. This self-awareness can be achieved through Sports Behavioural Profiling. Sports behavioural profiling is the key to developing the self-awareness you need as a coach, an athlete or someone who is committed to reaching their fitness goals, in order to understand how your natural behaviour tendencies and personality impacts on your performance and results. The crucial insights and facts obtained from an Individual Behavioural Profile assessment can therefore be used to take an individual’s sporting performance to a new level.

In addition to the individual behavioural profiles, another form of analysis that is a crucial tool in sports performance profiling is the Team Analysis Report. This Team Behavioural Profile assessment uses individual data collected from individual profiles and plots together all team members, encompassing their strengths and how they interact with one another. Using a Team Analysis Report we are able to identify team members’ individual communication preferences, individual motivators and therefore work towards maximising a team’s coherency and performance. This is an integral tool for coaches and management staff to work on maximising team dynamics and efficiency.

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