Codes and Patterns of Human Behaviour

Have you ever wondered:

  • What influences your decision making process?
  • What your real core drivers for motivation?
  • What challenges you to your mental and emotional limits?


To know these crucial codes of your own identity and behaviour will give you an awareness like no other....You can therefore enhance, fine tune and become a super human!!!!

Behavioural Profiling unveils and unlocks a person's natural behavioural preferences and tendencies, bringing a new self awareness and an explanation to why you do what you do and why you are the way you are.

It unveils a person's possibilities to develop in directions they were previously difficult to access. It identifies your strengths and where you may be lacking and how you can be more efficient in both your personal and work environments.

Wanting to understand your partner better and gain a better understanding of why THEY are the way they are? Behavioural Profiling is a crucial tool that can also be used within relationships - helping two people deeply understand aspects of one another that will enrich and create awareness of each other's strengths and why they do what they do.


Behavioural Profiling is an excellent tool to be used within any work environment. It can be used to develop awareness and understanding to improve communication, job performance and satisfaction.

Profiling can identify and uncover individuals’ strengths and stretches as well as stress levels, uncertainty of current roles, insecurity, frustration, pressure to change - to name a few, and can therefore be used to make the changes and improvements in order to get the best out of staff.

Behavioural profiling is particularly useful within established working teams to further develop working relationships, team congruency and productivity. Through working with senior management and leaderships teams, a Team Behavioural Profile assessment uses individual data collected from individual profiles and plots together all team members, encompassing their individual motivators, strengths, communication preferences and in general how they interact with one another. This is a crucial report that will gives an excellent overview on all team members with the view of ensuring they are all working to their best of their ability towards the department’s common initiatives, values, vision and mission.

A team behavioural analysis tells us not only about the individuals - in terms of their communication, behavioural strengths, leadership styles, but also the role they currently take within that team. This not only leads to improved interpersonal understanding and communication amongst the team members, but improved team dynamics, motivation and working towards maximising a team’s coherency and performance.

Behavioural profiling can benefit staff and teams within the workplace specifically by:

  • Building capacity, resilience and adaptability within team members
  • Uncovering improved methods of communication
  • Learning how to manage any conflicts
  • Create a greater sense of team cohesion
  • Building stronger relationships between team members

Improve the people = improve a business' capability, productivity and staff motivation.


Emotional intelligence and mindset is one of the least understood and most underemployed aspects of competitive sport today.  This self-awareness can be achieved through Sports Behavioural Profiling.

Sports behavioural profiling is the key to developing the self-awareness you need as a coach, an athlete or someone who is committed to reaching their fitness goals, in order to understand how your natural behaviour tendencies and personality impacts on your performance and results. The crucial insights and facts obtained from an Individual Behavioural Profile assessment can therefore be used to take an individual’s sporting performance to a new level.

Within the sports arena, while advanced physiological and technical knowledge has produced huge advances and previously unattainable physical performances, there is currently a substantial ‘knowledge gap’ critical to creating results in the area of athletes’ emotional intelligence.

In context of an athlete, emotional intelligence is about understanding the role that your natural innate behaviour tendencies and personality play in your performance and being able to analyse and deliberately adapt this behaviour in order to improve and push your performance to it's limits.

In addition to the individual behavioural profiles, another form of analysis that is a crucial tool in sports performance profiling is the Team Analysis Report. Using a Team Analysis Report we are able to identify team members’ individual communication preferences, individual motivators and therefore work towards maximising a team’s coherency and performance. This is an integral tool for coaches and management staff to work on maximising team dynamics and efficiency.

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Natalie is a Development and Success Coach, as well as a Human Behavioural Profiler.


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