"Big shout out to Elevate Coaching!! >> Feeling stuck in certain ways or need another perspective on life? Business or personal - it's all interconnected. Don't ever be afraid to ask for support and allow someone else to shine a light on things you might never have considered. And sometimes we just need a reminder of what we actually already know!! An hour with Nat this morning gave me more insight than I could have created for myself in a whole week - and with much less stress 🙂

If you like the sound of that -- give her a holler!  She's one amazing woman. Thanks so much Nat!


Fiona Galloway (Wild Awake Transformational Travel)


"Natalie is a wonderful coach who has provided great clarity and change in so many areas of my life.  Her passion for changing lives shone through in every session. Natalie challenged my thinking to allow me to grow, whilst still giving me the warmth and care to know that i was safe to be vulnerable. From procrastinating with my studies and business, I have now been able to overcome these behaviours and do the things which once made me feel uncomfortable.  Coaching with Natalie has given me a massive headstart in the right direction for 2017."


K. Sighn, (Butterfly Heart Coaching)


"I met with Nat just yesterday and was blown away with all of the content and knowledge I walked away with. She is so amazing, inspiring and motivating I now feel more confident in my own business with enough material to keep me going for  a while. I would recommend her to anyone who has there own business that needs to get it to the next level. Thanks Nat!"


Tamille Reeve (Reeve & Co Styling)


"Just had the most amazing experience through an ultimate focus coaching session with Natalie.  It has provided much insight & awareness into how my personal attributes, beliefs & values can directly impact & shape every element of my life & how to create success in my personal journey! Weather it's individual clarity & direction, business development & improvement, reaching set goals & targets or just finding that confidence & motivation to think outside the box to seek new goals & dreams...Nats your guru!  Highly professional with such passion & knowledge to help people of all walks of life, Natalie is completely invested in helping you evolve & succeed. Thanks Nat!"


Rachel Zubak (Nourish Health and Beauty)


Thanks so much to Natalie from Elevate Coaching.

An hour with Nat last week gave me so much more insight than I was expecting from a single session. She has challenged me to step up and take some new risks which will elevate my business to the next level. Like all good coaches, she gently nudges you to uncover your blocks and guides you to the solutions that work for you. She doesn't do the work for you but helps you identify what work is needed and how to best move in the direction you truly desire.

Very highly recommended! Thanks again Nat.


Michelle Champness McGuire (Bossy Girl Media)